We are Manufacturers:


So we can create, modify and redesign our Lighting Mixtures,to fit the needs and desires of the people that has deposited their trust in us. Our employees are true artisans with decades of experience in the Traditional Lighting Industry. Those circumstances let us offer the possibility to customize our Chandeliers to follow your needs.

You can modify any Model in any of our Collections,changing:

  • The finish
  • The color of the crystal
  • The color of the alabaster

In almost all the situations you will be able to modify:

  • Diameter
  • Height
  • Amount of lights


Please do not hesitate to let us know your needs to customize the product to your taste.

 Terms and condtions of custom work:

 The heart & soul of quality "custom work" is contained in its uniqueness. By definition, this means custom work can not readily be duplicated or repeated. It is policy and practice at Grupo Ricardo Falcó S.L. to provide custom work as efficiently and quickly as possible. However, clients must understand that any custom work are undertaken only with the full understanding that our clients are responsible for all work performed in our efforts to accomplish their objectives.


 We are a Company located in Valencia.-Spain. We are manufacturers of Crystal Chandeliers and Traditional Styles of Chandeliers and Lighting Fixtures. Our line of products includes Crystal Chandeliers, Wall Sconces, Pendants, Flush and Semi-Flush Fixtures. Our Chandeliers will create a special atmosphere in your home. We manufacture custom chandeliers for hotels, restaurants or private homes.Our Chandeliers are made with bronze, brass and iron. Our factory is located in Valencia, Spain.


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