Chandelier with Crystal GRF0321.8

   Chandelier with Crystal GRF0321.8

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  Chandelier with Crystal GRF0321.8

  Finish:"Gold Plated" with 30% Leaded Crystal

  Wide:60 cm(24")

   High:30 cm(12")



This unique Chandelier is fabricated with pieces obtained from casting the alloy of 65% copper and 25% Zinc in molds used for generations and that they represent the best quality of Bronze that can be obtained actually through traditional ways.

Is manufactured in Valencia (Spain) by expert craftsmen that have learn their craft from father to son and that they are very carefully creating one of a kind pieces.

"Gold Plated " We obtain this finish by deeping all the parts of the chandelier in a electrolytic bath of bright gold .We cover all of the pieces with a strong lacquer over the finish to protect them from tarnishing.

This Chandelier is dressed completely with Leaded Crystal .These crystals are precision cut and polished just like diamonds using the highest technology available to achieve the maximum color refraction and sparkle.

Due to constant improvements in design, certain components of this Chandelier may vary from the picture shown above.

As we are True Lighting Manufacturers, this Chandelier can be manufactured in different sizes and finishes according to your specifications, to do so we recommend you to talk to one of our Agents

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